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    [RFE] Keep SB's UPnP table up-to-date


      Slingbox does its port forwarding by negotiating the port 5201 using the UPnP protocol with the downstream router/gateway.


      Now let a scenario:


        1. Slingbox is doing its port keepalive chat with the router, using the router's advertised UPnP port, i.e, 56572
        2. Router happily keeps port 5201 listening for internet slingbox clients open.
        3. Ooops. Router gets booted (Some routers auto-boots once a week...).
        4. Router's UPnP port now changes to 47378
        5. Slingbox is not aware of this uPnP port change and keeps trying to negotiate the port forwarding with the former UPnP dst port 56572
        6. Router won't receive the port negotiation and won't open port 5201.
        7. Customers calls/writes/chats SlingMedia whining about poor connection. Everybody gets upset.
        8. Workaround: Reboot Slingbox. It it will listen for the next UPnP broadcast and then, negotiate the port forwarding accordingly.
        9. Then, router opens port 5201 for Slingbox


      Well, point made; I'd suggest you guys to enhance the UPnP monitoring of the slingboxes. Simply reproducible and testable; trivial and common issue, and would improve product's resilience.


      - RF