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    Switch to 2-digit channels (not just channel 1-9)


      Please see attached photo to see what I'm missing.


      Earlier I had Slingbox solo and the remote worked very well. I could switch to every channels from 0-999. But a week later I bought the slingbox PRO-HD, and choose the same remote as on the Slingbox Solo - but now i can´t switch to 2- or 3-digit channels, so now I'm only watching channels 1-9.

      On advanced remote-settings I only get the "how quickly do you enter the channels numbers" and I have of course tried fast, medium and slow. On the Slingbox Solo I also did get the option "how are you typing channel number x?" with answers like "x", "0x", "00x". After choosing the first option "x", I did get the availability to change to 2- or 3-digit channels.


      The remote I'm using is Sagem ICD 81 HD - and I have tried almost all the Sagem Cable-remotes.

      Can someone please help me out here so that I cant watch 2-digit channels like 10, 11, 12 etc? Now I'm only watching channels from 1-9.
      I have tried to search around on the forum, but I did't find some help.


      EDIT: Here is my decoder/Cable-box - https://kabel.canaldigital.no/Global/Brukerguider/HD104C/HD%20dekoder%20104C.pdf (see page 6)

      The manufacturer is Sagemcom and the model is ICAD 84.


      And FYI: On the PRO-HD you have the opportunity to connect two units with IR. Therefore I have a IR-kable with 4-sensors, and two of them are attached on the front of the dekoder. I read that I could try attached all 4 of them, I'm gonna try that later today and will give you a update then.


      EDIT 2: To use all the IR-blasters did not help. Still having the same problem.


      EDIT 3: I have changed the decoder/reciver to Sagem ICD 81, and the "Sagem ICD 81 HD"-remote is working fine, but still dont have the opportunity to type in 2- or 3-digit channels. I have also tried a custom remote (https://community.sling.com/message/23522#23522) which is the right one. Canal Digital is still the provider, and they have named the Sagem ICD 81 HD to Canal Digital HD 103-c (https://kabel.canaldigital.no/Global/Brukerguider/Canal%20Digital%20HD%20dekoder/Digital_HD_Dekoder_103.pdf). You can see in the custom remote thread that I have tried the right remote.


      EDIT 4: After chatting with the support they told me to do a so called "hard-reset" where you push the button for 30 seconds. To be sure i held it for almost 60 seconds. That didn't help either.


      EDIT 5: This is starting to get really ridiculous. I were chatting with Sling-support, and they connected to my computer and started to remote it from their computer. They even logged into my slingbox from one of their computeres in their lab, and they did not find out what the problem is. They said it maybe have to do with my location (Norway), but I can't understad that, because everything was working fine with the slingbox solo!


      EDIT 6: I did download the old slingplayer program/application (not plugin) - version 1.0.10. See picture "old settings". In leading zeroes i choosed "0", and speed to "fast". If I then typed in channel "191" it changed to first channel 1, then 91. Any other combination 0-slow, 0-medium, 1-slow, 1-medium, 1-fast etc. did not help at all. So now I'm able to watch 2-digit channels, but this is not propely enough.


      EDIT 7: After 40 emails back and forth and 1 hour phone conversation the problem is still there. The Slingbox support-team has even logged into my slingbox on their computers and they has also logged into my computer over the internett. We have tried all the Sagem remotes and maybe 10 custom sagem and canal digital remotes - AND NOTHING WORKS. I have even tried both decoders/recivers, with both 4 and 2 IR-blasters. We did also download the old slingplayer program (see picture). Now I'm gonna return the PRO-HD and buy the new 350. This will be my third slingbox in a month, and if this is not working then I'm giving up. I'm not willing to change my decoders/recivers. 1) They are good recivers and I'm happy with them, and 2) A new and the best reciver from my tv-provider will cost me $650 USD.


      EDIT 8: The Slingbox 350 does not work either! I can't understand whats wrong. My cable-box/reciver and remote is Sagem ICD 81 HD and I cant understand why its not working.


      I'm still so insanely frustated because everything was working FINE on the SOLO. But the SOLO did not have so good picture-quality as the PRO-HD and 350, so I'm not willing to change back to the SOLO again.