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    No Video Out - ATT/Apple or Sling?


      Good morning all,

      Is the lack of slingplayer mobile TV out on a *non-jailbroken* iphone a decision of Apple, AT&T or Sling?  I ask because if it's Sling, then I have to assume it's going to eventually be available, but if it is Apple, probably not.  Anyone know?


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          eferz Expert

          At the moment, its an "issue" with both Apple and Slingmedia.


          There  are  other apps in the iTunes Store, like Streamtome http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/streamtome/id325327899,   that allows you to use the Apple Component or Composite Cable for the   iPhone to display on an external monitor or TV.  Even the built in   iPhone apps like Quicktime, Safari, iPod, and YouTube can do it too.    However that's made possible by using the default   MediaPlayer.framework.  Unfortunately, the current Slingplayer Mobile  for iPhone only uses  portions of the framework, since they want to  provide a custom user  interface and quite possibly having an encrypted  stream.


          In  the MediaPlayer.framework API there  is a class called MPTVOutWindow   that can be used to force TV out.   Unfortunately, its an undocumented   class, so its not offically  supported by Apple.  All of the apps that   have tried to used it was  denied on the iTunes App Store.  However, if   you have a jailbroken  iPhone you can get apps like TVout2, Landscape  TV  Out, or ScreenSplitr  in conjunction with the Slingplayer app to  support  TV out via the Apple  Composite or Component Cables for iPhone.