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    No Audio on Slingbox HD


      I upgraded to a new router, Linksys AC 1750, all Slingbox HD functions work correctly except the following:


      There is no audio on any device, local or remote.


      The remote control pictured is from Time Warner, not from Comcast, as pictured with the old router.


      I have tried to re-install but my new router is not in the dropdown list, but all functions work fine except audio.


      Any help would be appreciated.



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          TylerG Newbie

               Hmm... no audio, huh? If you're using component (red, blue, and green) cables for video, make sure you also have stereo audio cables (red and white) hooked up for sound.


               Concerning the virtual remote control, that wouldn't change with your router; if you want to change it to match your set-top box model number, you can do that here!


          Best wishes,

          The Slingbox Forum Moderation Team