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    Mapping a remote for Samsung gx-cm700cf




      I'm working for a TV company called Comhem in Sweden (https://www.comhem.se/) on STB UI development. Comhem is currently in the process of launching a new Tivo STB, Samsung gx-cm700cf in Sweden. We have a numerous amount of slingboxes that we use to monitor the samsung boxes in our systems but not a complete mapping, which is an issue for us. I previously used the remote mapping site to map our box but since it's no longer up, how do I go about mapping the remote for this new STB? Comhem is currently the largest TV company in Sweden so there's probably going to be some demand for this mapping


      //Staffan Naese



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          alanrichey42 Master

          So what happened?.  I took some time building that remote and would appreciate not being ignored.

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              If it helps I can also send you the remote control, just as a note.

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                  alanrichey42 Master

                  Sorry, I get so many people who just take my remotes and don't tell me how they get on that I tend to get a bit short-tempered


                  No quick answer for you, but first I have to explain how all this works as you seem to be misunderstanding it.


                  The first thing to realise is that the Binary file and the remote image file are totally different things.   Each image file that Sling have produced is linked to a certain code, such as S1123, V1345, C1678...  And in the same way each BIN file is linked to the codes  The codes between 2000-2047 are not allocated and can be used for Custom Remotes for devices that are not supported by Sling.  And as you see, I have 'adopted'  2010 as my own personal handle.   Because there is no image linked to those codes Sling will display the default remote image you have seen.


                  So if you select a built-in device it checks what the code is, downloads the matching BIN file and if there is an image file with the same link it installs that. If there is no linked image, or the code is >2000 then it loads the default image.  That is what you must have done to get the Virgin image.


                  Then, the way the system works is when you tap a button on the image it sends a predefined code to the Slingbox  (CH+ is Code 4, Play is Code 24..)  When the Slingbox receives a code number it checks the BIN file and determines what IR Code should be sent to the device.   So any functionality problems are associated with the BIN file, NOT the image file. 


                  Unfortunately, unless I am missing something, all the buttons that you are missing are not there on the Virgin file either, so we cannot use that to find them.


                  Now. the way I get the codes is to install a device onto my Logitech Harmony Remote and use that to 'mimic' the original remote.  Unfortunately, whoever uploaded that device to the Logitech database did not include those buttons you are missing so I have no way of knowing the codes.   The only solution is for me to get the actual remote (UK), or for you to install it on a Harmony remote if you know anyone with one, and then allow me to access the account, or we resort to trial and error (not as bad as it sounds).


                  Let me know which method you want to try and which type of Slingbox you have.





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                Hey Alan,


                Sorry if I came of as rude, I really appreciate that you took the time to make the binary. It took me awhile to download it and I wanted to have decent feedback for you before I responded hence the delay. In regards to how it worked I've attached two images to this post.


                The files:

                A. virgin_binary.jpg - the virgin tivo box remote included in the slingbox remote library.

                B. C2010_PL.bin - The binary you sent me.


                These are the only two profiles I got working with this box. I've marked the buttons that work with the Samsung GX-CM700CF in green on both images.


                Your binary, C2010_PL.bin,  is complete except for the following buttons. These would be important for us to get to work. I've listed them in order of importance from top to bottom below(look at virgin_binary.jpg for reference):

                - Home button(used to open the vod, settings, etc)

                - Green thumbs upp button

                - Red thumbs down button

                - Subtitle button

                - Text button


                Can you help us out with these? Is there anything I can do to help you out with the process. As I previously said, you're help is greatly appreciated!




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                  stwe007 Newbie


                  I am also new TIVO user and I tried the C2010_PL you provided and it works to watch TV but the menu button does not work so I cannot play my recorded programs.

                  The menu button is not greyed out but nothing happens when clicked.

                  I have Slingbox 350.


                  Regards Staffan Westlund