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    Receiving Error Code W211.


      Hello All,


      I setup my slingbox 350 about two weeks ago, and for the first week and a half it worked great, I was able to see the tv/control it using the on-screen remote without issue.  Starting on Wednesday of this week I have had the on-screen error W211 informing me that there was an error connecting to my slingbox.  I had my family resest the internet and the slingbox, but neither solved the problem.  I will be travlling for some time, and will not be home to check it, but I know this much,


      - the slingbox is connected to the internet fine, and all cables are properly hooked up, it is powered too.


      - when i try to connect to it through the website, the box actually blinks white (as if it were streaming), but then when the connection fails, it goes off.  Somehow my view requests are getting to the slingbox, but I appear to be having issues with data coming out somehow.


      Has anybody experienced this or had a similar issue?  I won't be back home for some time, so a hard reset is not an option at this point.


      I appreciate any help you can give.