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    How do I deal with the "Your HDTV does not support HDCP" message?


      Suddenly, out of nowhere, my Slingbox service using my Pro-HD box has quit.  (It worked fine the first three days after I arrived in England.)  I'm getting a black screen that says "Your HDTV does not support HDCP.  Please use the YPbPr connection to watch television."  I've done enough research to find out what this is all about, and realize I've got to change out the HDMI connector for the 3-color component connector plus the red/white audio connectors.  I'll have to get a friend to go over to my house to do this for me.   I know the cable box is presently connected directly to the TV monitor via an HDMI cable, but I don't recall what kind of connection there is between the cable box and the Pro-HD.


      Now, my question is:  Do I have to use 3-color component connectors for BOTH the TV:box and the Pro-HD:box connections?  If so, I'll have to tell him to go to Radio Shack first and buy extra 3-color and red/white connectors.  (Any additional suggestions, explanations or advice for this novice will be most welcome indeed!)

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          Greetings, delanaimp!


               What you'll want is to hook up a component pass-through from the set-top box through the Slingbox to your TV. That means five cables (red, blue, and green for HD video; red and white for stereo audio) from your set-top box to the "in" ports on the Slingbox, and then a matching set of five from the "out" ports on the Slingbox to the back of your TV. From there, remove HDMI and switch your TV to the component input and you're all set!


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