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    Slingbox now asking for password????


      Hi ASll,


      My slingbox has now started asking me for a password on either the laptop of iphone and tells me the password I entered is wrong!!!!


      I know its not and I type the password in on my account and it logs in but I can not view as it ask for a password, whats going on????

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          I have now done the following:


          changed my account password online, "Upadate sucsessfull"

          Changed my directory password "Update sucsessfull"

          click watch and get asked for password, type the same password as above and get "Password incorrect" IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!


          And it states update 09/21/2013 thats today!!! so the update has blocked me out!!!! What now????

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              BobShanghai Newbie

              I have same issue occasionally.


              I found that the problem is not wrong password, but actually the device is not properly (fully) connected to the internet.


              It may be seeing the local LAN connection (and therefore appears to have an "internet" connection). But something is preventing connection to Sling server.


              Maybe firewall etc.


              Instead of reporting a message to explain this, the device simply reports "wrong password".


              It was very confusing to find.


              Maybe this is what is happening in your case.

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              You have to log in and try to watch your slingbox from the website.

              It will ask you to set it up from scratch.

              I think they did a system update.

              Once you complete the setup you should be good to go.

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                  I had the exact same issue.  It seems the slingbox reset.  Even my admin password didn't work.  I used the generic "admin" and was able to log-in.  Then it asked me to set up my remote.  And that's where I have a problem.  I go through the whole process, the remote works during the setup, but when I go back to watch, it seems that it didn't take.  It keeps asking me to set up the remote.  I did it multiple times.  My system status is "green" but I can't set up my remote and therefore can't control my dvr.  it seems to be a software glitch... any thoughts?  Thanks.

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                  Right the issue is that my box has been completely reset by the update!!! Thanks slingbox for telling me!!!!

                  And the setup does not work!!! it ask for zip / postal code then tells me the code is wrong!!!! no it is not!!!!!!!

                  I put a random one in, it goes through the setup then tells me its lost the slingbox, reconnects and starts all over again!!!!!

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                    TylerG Newbie

                    Howdy, thebig1!


                         Sounds to me like your Slingbox is a little confused! Here's how you can resolve that administrator password error and help your Slingbox to think straight once more.


                    Best wishes,

                    The Slingbox Forum Moderation Team

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                        Hi Tyler,


                        any ideas on my remote control issue I described above?  My password was wiped right away and I was able to log-in with "admin", so that's not an issue, however my remote won't set-up even though I've gone through the process several times.  The remote works during the set-up, once I ID the box but when I go to "watch" it keeps asking me to set up my input device.  FYI, all of my scheduled recordings were erased with this "fantom reset" so I had to set them up again.