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    Disconnecting slingerbox pro hd


      I have a problem with my slingerbox pro HD. I have about 3GB and its  disconneckting all the time, another fellow also have the same problem.  Even when I hav 100GB its the same problem. I watcing other channels  like SVTplay, TV4play and I dont have these problems. It is so bad, it  hapens so ofthen that I cant any longer watch with the slingerbob. About  every 5th minute its disconnecting.


      Whats the problem, all the other TV companys is working. Is it a bug in your sulotions or is it a bug from the TV holders.


      Any wa I in a siskussion how to  watch TV with a lot of people ho not live many mounths a year in other countrys. Anr for nou I can tell you that there is problems with the slingerbox pro hd.


      Best reegards Göran Wide

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          Hello, mrwide!


               You'll want to make sure you're meeting our system requirements:



               Also, take note that you'll need an upload speed (at the Slingbox location) and a download speed (wherever you're trying to access your Slingbox) that meet or exceed our minimum recommendations. Here's where you can check on those network speeds:



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