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    No network light..


      I have bought a new slinbox Pro HD. My old Slinbox Pro did not support my new WD TV box.

      Now when I unpacked this new Pro HD, I can not get the network led to light up..

      Only power. The network led does blink now and then and so is the Slingbox Loggo...

      I have tryed the power adapter from my old box, but no change.

      If I connect my old box, it gets the network in a few seconds..

      and Yes, I have tryed to Hardware reset the box numerous of times.

      I am not sure if the reset is working.. Doesent matter how long I keep the resetbutton pressed. No action


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          TylerG Newbie

          Hey, yonex.


               Sounds like you may have a power issue on your hands. If the Slingbox is plugged into a surge protector, I highly recommend switching to a wall outlet. If you get the same issue in multiple wall outlets, it's probably an issue with either the Slingbox or its power supply. If you purchased that Slingbox from an authorized retailer within the past year, feel free to call us (1-877-467-5464) so we can replace any bad parts! If not, here's where you can get that power supply replaced:



          Best wishes,

          The Slingbox Forum Moderation Team


          P.S. We highly discourage customers from using power supplies from other products (including other Slingbox models!).

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              The Slinbox Pro HD is brand new.

              I don´t have any surge protector. It was connected direct to my outlet.

              As I said, I tryed with my other powersupply, from my older Slinbox Pro. Same then, no LAN led.

              It is now sent for warranty repair/Change. Hopefully it will be ok when I get it back.