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    Connected Devices?


      Which Connected Devices, if any, are supported by the HDS-600RS?



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          BobShanghai Newbie

          Works ok with Slingcatcher. But you will need to get one on fleabay.


          Slingcatcher works in TCP mode, so there are occasional freezes of the stream if the TCP handshake gets delayed.


          Also, Slingcatcher is good device for playing music or video from USB device. Just needs to be in the correct format.


          Both HDS600RS and Slingcatcher were killed off by Sling before either device had been completed to their advertised ability.


          Very wrong.



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              Thanks, that was what I was afraid of.

              At least it good to confirm that a sling catcher works.

              The desktop slingcatcher software doesn't work btw, however the web version is ok.

              It's annoying that the HDS-600RS doesn't seem to exist except in obscure niches on the web site.

              Makes it very hard to work out what it is and isn't compatible with.