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    SLINGBOX SOLO VIEWING WIN XP is OK, WIN 7 does not work!!!!


      My SLING BOX SOLO has been working fine on Windows XP (all SP's and updates) for many, many years placeshifting to Thailand.


      I am upgrading to Windows 7 but I cannot get neither Slingplayer, WEB player in FIREFOX 23.0.1, nor MS Internet Explorer to play anything.


      I have turned Windows Firewall off, and still no good....


      The support software Sling has tells me I am in Double NAT, but my hardware configuration is exactly the same in both XP and Win 7.


      PLEASE, can somebody give me some suggestions on how to fix this situation.


      Thank you very much,


      Mark in Thailand

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          TylerG Newbie

          Hi there, marCAD!


               So, you can't get the SlingPlayer for Web working on your Windows 7 computer? What happens when you try?

               That troubleshooting you did was a great start! Here are a few next steps:



          Best wishes,

          The Slingbox Forum Moderation Team

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              Thank you for taking the time to help.


              My WIN7 Ultimate is a fresh install.  The first program I installed was the SlingPlayer. Using the Windows Firewall it would not properly log on: it would recognise my email, but does not switch to my LOGIN Name as XP does.


              After a timeout period, I get an error message, with no useful answers.


              I turned Windows Firewall off and had the same result. Nothing.


              I have since installed Norton360 and made certain Sling components are ALLOWED.  Still no love with the SlingPlayer.


              Howver, I have had limited success with Sling WEBPLAYER with Norton360: I do at least get to the ATT UVERSE splash screen, but when I select OK to play, it crashed with errors, something like w202.


              I do have decent internet access: 3meg down, 1meg up, and am regularly able to download torrents at 3meg.


              My harware configuration is not changed from the XP system to the WIN7 system.  This is a dual boot machine.


              I would really like to have the SLINGPLAYER work, it is more convenient than the WEBPLAYER.


              Thanks Tyler, I do hope this can be resolved soon.



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                I am still unable to connect to my Slingbox In Window 7 Ultimate.


                Using the webplayer in FireFox I get error W211.


                Are there ports I can open in the Windows Firewall Advanced setting that would help?


                Please Tyler, I need all the help you can provide.


                Thank You VERY MUCH............

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                    I still cannot connect:( .


                    In Slingplayer itself I get: error 0x92340011 and don't know how to fix that. Suggestions?


                    In the WebPlayer I get error codes W211, then W201 followed by W202.


                    I have also tried running SlingPlayer in Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode. It works fine in my XP installation, dual boot, same machine.


                    Anything else I can try?



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                        dewdude Newbie

                        Quite honestly; if you're running Windows Firewall and you're already behind a router; disabling Windows Firewalll will make things a bit easier. However, I'll also say that Windows Firewall only stops incomming connections to your computer; it does not prevent an application from making a connection. Slingbox does not make a return connection to your PC; it's only one way.


                        If you got a report you are "double NAT"; are you running an additional wifi router on your network? I've often found people running two or three routers on a network since full routers are more ubiquitious than stand-alone access points. It is somewhat possible this could be causing an issue; even if it worked before. Changing to Win7 may have been enough of a change that the configuration no longer works...or perhaps your XP machine had a network configuration that allowed it to work.


                        I've been Win7 ever since I got my first Solo back in '11; and had great success with the standalone SlingPlayer app; I only quit using it becuase the 350 was not supported.

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                            Thanks for replying.


                            I'm dual booting for now with both my OS's (XP and Win7) so I really don't think it is a double NAT issue and my DSL Modem is not a router anyway, just a cheap (maybe the cheapest) Chinese Huawei one my DSL provider her in Thailand makes available.


                            It's not just the SlingPlayer software.  The WebPlayer in both Firefox and IE doesn't work.........Firewall on or off, it makes no difference.


                            Sometimes the WEBPLAYER will get to the ATT UVERSE Splash screen which asks me to hit OK on the remote.  At that point, WebPlayer crashes with errors W211, W201 and W202 depending on how many times I try to reconnect


                            SlingPlayer logs me in, seems to connect, seems to start streaming, gets to optimizing, then times out with error message 0x9230011 Context 24 Operation 1, Failed to Load Input Configuration Information.


                            My XP system is the one I used to originally configure the SlingBox Solo 5 years ago.


                            Thanks again,


                            Mark in Thailand

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                                craig.sling Novice

                                Hello indi12,


                                You are still not able to connect on just the windows 7 dual boot?  You state that the ATT splash screen will pop up and than the online Slingplayer will crash? I have a few articles that you should look at to see if we can get this working for you. They will be posted below.



                                You may also want to look at these articles.


                                Hope this helps,

                                Thank You,

                                Sling Moderation Team

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                                    Hi and thanks for the help!!!


                                    Yes I am dual booting XP and Win7.  In XP (SP3)  the SlingPayer v.2.04 works fine. XP native firewall, no custom settings.


                                    The SlingBox Solo was moved two years ago by a friend and reinstalled using WIN7 and webplayer.  The router is set with port 5001 open.


                                    I have also done a Clean Boot per MS instructions with no luck resolving the issues.


                                    My statistics and settings look like this:

                                    STATISTICS XP.jpg

                                    Settings XP.jpg



                                    In WIN7, I have SlingPlayer set to Vista SP2 compatibility. Windows firewall set to ALLOW SLINGPLAYER.


                                    I have also tried XP SP3 compatibility with equally poor results.


                                    I start SLINGPLAYER as Administrator, I am logged on, tries to connect for a few seconds, connects, begins OPTIMIZING and after a period of time, I get these errors in this order as I click on each:



                                    WIN7 first error.jpg


                                    WIN7 second error.jpg


                                    WIN7 third error.jpg


                                    WIN7 fourth error.jpg


                                    WIN7 fifth error.jpg

                                    My Statistics and Settings are:

                                    Statistics WIN7.jpg

                                    Settings WIN7.jpg

                                    These errors occur no matter whether Win7's firewall is ON or OFF.  Same errors.


                                    NO ANTI-Virus software installed.





                                    I have very rarely been able to get a connection. One in a hundred tries.  When I do get a connection showing the ATT Uverse splash screen, it says hit OK to start.  I hit OK on the remote and there is either no response or the WEBPLAYER  crashes with the error codes shown below.


                                    Once, I was able to get to Settings, advanced and the live stream showed in the small window.  Good I thought.  Tried reloading WebPlayer but it would not stream properly, tried settings/advanced again, but could not get the live stream again.


                                    I get errors W201, W211 then W202.


                                    This is all very frustrating.


                                    I hope you can help or send me in the right direction.