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    Suddenlink On Demand isssue




      My slingobx expeirence has been a great one so far and everything seems to be working just fine. However i cannot watch anything On Demand. I can navigate the On Demand window all my controls work fine remotely using the slingbox. I can go all the way up to selecting the episode and season. Once i select the episode i want to watch i get this screen (attached named On Demand) audio is working at this point but this screen stays up like this.This screen is black and says "One Moment Please" At this point it should have infromation on the episode and some buttons on the bottom to play or start from the begining but it is not. I can use the back button on the slingbox remote and it will return me to the previous menu and i can again select any episode and can view the screen fine.  I have checked locally at the house and On Demand is fully functional so i am not sure what is goin on.


      My Cable box is Motorola DCH3416 from Suddenlink I have a Slingbox 500. I am using the component inputs from the cable box to the slingbox high speed internet at both places with barely any traffic (maybe an iphone).


      Thank you for you help.