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    Remote android application


      I just bought a slingbox350 and use the web page to watch tvonline. It's great,

      When i'm away from home I plug my pc to a tv so I'm watching my tv from another tv


      is there any way to be able to get logon on an android device (tablet,phone) to only use it as remote..... without disconnect my tv from slingbox.

      or send a command over the internet to my slingbox to press guide, chan up down.....


      I want to be able to do that.

      Is there any way?

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          Tarkus Newbie

          There was a slingbox companion app that was announced early in the year that was supposed to do exatctly that. It was never released as far as I know. Sling Media any update on this?? It would be nice to see on both Android and iOS.