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    ? Error on TV "Not compatible with this signal"


      Hi, I am trying to connect a Slingbox 500, and am getting a "NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THIS SIGNAL" message on my TV. The TV is not HD, and does not have an HDMI port. Can someone help me fix this problem?



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          Hi, gsolly!


               Not an HDTV, huh? What does your cabling configuration look like (how the set-top box is connected to the TV and the Slingbox, how the Slingbox is connected to the TV, et cetera)?


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              I have the exact same problem.

              It is a Sharp tv with 1080i.  No HDMI input.  Slingbox 500 worked great with it when I had a Comcast DVR input.  Now with FiOS ARRIS ipc 1100, I get this Blue screen:  "Not Compatible with this signal."


              Using the component cables from Slingbox.


              Here is something weird.  See the picture perfectly during setup (though in a small window.)


              Worked fine on the internet, just not on the tv screen.

              Connecting box directly to the tv - picture is fine.


              Any ideas?