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    Slingbox HD from work


      I have been able to connect to first an old Slingbox and more recently my Slingbox HD from work using an old version of the original Slingplayer Version 1.5.1.  Luckily it would install on the work computer and using port 80 I could get through to my home.  The remote on this version is pretty generic/archaic but always got the job done until I recently upgraded my home cable through Xfinity.  Now, I can still connect to the box but have lost several functions, especially the Menu function which takes away the DVR capability that I love.  I cannot connect from work on slingbox.com or facebook and my Ipad slingplayer will also not connect--I cannot find enough advanced functions to even try and the wireless at work is much more secure than the wired computer I usually use.  Is there a newer slingplayer version or perhaps a third party "slingplayer" that I should try?  If I only had the Menu function back I could work around this all.