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    Slingbox 350 - Enhancement request -  Israel


      I upgrated my Singbox to Slingbox 350 but unfortunately its not available in Israel (bought in the USA).


      I'm sure that I'm part of a quite a large group of hi-tech engineers that are traveling around the globe and using the old Solo product.


      It will be great to have Slingbox 350 available in Israel. In the meantime, any idea on how the bypass the current problem?




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          OvCollyer Apprentice

          You can either try and find a 350 on eBay where the seller will ship internationally, or possibly Amazon.com will ship internationally, or if all else fails then you can use a forwarding company such as MyUS.com, MyAmericanShopper.com or Bongo.com who will give you a US address where you can deliver US goods to and who will then forward your parcels onto pretty much any country in the World. Then order from one of the US retailers like NewEgg, B&H Photo etc.


          Besides international shipping costs, you'll obviously have to pay import tax/duty/customs this way, but that's the price you pay.