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    Double charged


      Slingbkx has worked great until tonight. My app disappeared and I had to pay again to reinstall. Then found out that there is an issue with iPad 1 which is what I had. I really like this product but don't want to be double charged. Your records will clearly show both purchases. I would like to be reimbursed. Thanks. JPLINDZ26

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          Brandon.Sling Apprentice



          We're sorry to hear you had difficulty with SlingPlayer for iPad. The issue with our previous update did not affect installation or billing. If you believe that your Apple account was charged in error, please contact Apple for assistance.



          Sling Moderation Team

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              Dear forum moderator,


              Please see my other post a few minutes ago.


              There appear to be several users to have reported being forced to repay for an already purchased Slingplayer for iPad app.


              It doesn't seem fair to leave your Slingplayer customers to individually inquire with Apple, especially when the common thread is your app!


              Even if it is entirely due to a failure in the Apple records, it is still directly related to the software you are selling and as such you have a vested interest to investigate.


              Please escalate to the Slingplayer support team.


              Kind regards,


              Mitch Fortier

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                  I have two problems. 1. I had purchased a SlingPlayer for iPad app in the past and now trying to load it on my new iPad mini, I am being asked to purchase this app again. 2. I purchased a new iPad mini to take advantage of displaying my SlingPlayer on my chrome cast apparatus and it doesn't work or won't recognize my player.