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    "Analog" cable support?



      Does the Slingbox350 support Analog cable (coxial cable from Cable provider connected to VCR with the 3 yellow/red/white composite video/audio cables going to slingbox)? In other words, no digital cable set-top box ...

      If not, is there a recommended Analog to Digital converter to make the Slingbox350 work with my Analog cable connection?


      If not, is there any other Slingbox model supporting Analog cable?


      Thx in advance!

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          alanrichey42 Master

          It doesn't matter what type of input is going into the VCR, the Yellow Composite Video out is providing an analog signal which is acceptable to the 350.

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              Well that's what I thought, but the Slingbox350 unit I purchased does not work for me when attempting to configure the Video input during the 1st time setup.

              I have connected the composite out of the VCR to the input of the Slingbox then the output of the Slingbox to the TV.

              I can see the TV picture on the TV crisp & clear, but just a black screen on the PC connected to Slingbox. Thesetup utility remains stuck with the composite video in unconfigured mode.


              When I requested tech. support from Slingbox, their analysis pointed to a faulty unit to be RMA'ed.

              But before returning it for exchange, I tested the unit at my neighbor's who has digital cable. The unit worked like a charm!


              I am really puzzled and not sure how to interpret these Tech. Specs:

              Supported Audio-Video and Storage Sources

              Connect to any of the following high-definition video sources in up to 1080p.

              • Digital cable set-top box
              • Satellite receiver
              • Digital video recorder (DVR)
              • DVD or Blu-ray Disc™ player/recorder
              • Video security cameras