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    Model numbers


      Hi guys,


      I'd like to have a complete list of Slingbox model numbers, names and preferrably a picture of what they look like.


      The website does a really poor job in this respect.


      For eaxmple, what is the difference between a SB 150-110 and an SB 152-100 ?





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          TylerG Newbie

          Hi there, gbjbasdw!


               Although we don't have that many Slingbox models, there are quite a few different model numbers. This is because Slingboxes made for different countries (specifically older Slingboxes) require different tuners. For example, the SB 150-110 and SB 152-110 are both Slingbox Classics, but one is for the UK and the other for Hong Kong, respectively.


          Best wishes,

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              I have a 152-110 which works fine in the UK !


              Would it be possible to update the webpage that your link refers to so that it explains how your model numbers are formulated with a list of country codes - assuming that the country codes you use are the same for all the Slingbox models ?


              So your web page might have something like....


              Slingbox "Classic" - Models SB-xxx-110 




              Slingbox "Classic" - SB-150-110 UK

                                          - SB-152-110 Hong Kong



              This would really help customers and potential customers to properly identify your products which is a near impossibility at the moment.


              I'm sure this would only take a couple of hours to do given that you don't have that many products and it would really be beneficial.