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    Multiple E350 boxes how to avoid conflict


      I have recently installed multiple e350 sling boxes replacing older models. These items are in a rack.  I (& others) uderstand the new design allows for one sling to interrupt/control devices hooked up to a 2nd or 3rd sling box... for me this is a significant problem that has now been introduced in the new product lines.   Please do not simply suggest putting these sling boxes in separate rooms... all my equip, network connections etc are in a rack.  I need some specifics as to how / what to place between these units to avoid this issue..... or even better a true emitter type solution that previously existed.  A phone call to support said they understood the problem but had no ideas for avoiding the problem... surely your engineers do have ideas... please help.



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          OvCollyer Apprentice

          Are you talking about IR conflicts?


          What I had to do to install 2 Slingboxes controlling two identical STBs was this:


          - use some solid tape (gaffer tape for example) and tape over the emitters that are built into the 350. If you look closely you will see these on the sides (and maybe front) of the 350. There are 2 or 3 (not in front of my boxes at the moment that's why I'm unsure).


          - now plug in external emitters (if you are upgrading from older boxes you can re-use the ones that came with these)


          - you will still need to isolate the STBs from each other, otherwise both 350s will still controls both STBs. So you need to tape the emitter transmitter over the IR receiver and then seal off the area so that other transmitters won't be able to interfere. I did this on one of my STBs by cutting a rectangle out of a black bin bag and taping this over the area where I had fixed the transmitter to the STB.


          So it can be done, you just need to block out the 350's internal emitters and use external ones


          If you are talking about something else then ignore all of the above!

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              Thanks so much for the timly and very helpful response.  Per Slings website, the old stle IR emitters will not work with the new boxes. After your email, I tried one and as you suggested it does seem to work.


              First I tried taping over emiters on new sling box. and then using old emitter... this in fact did work although I still have issue of effecting changes in two DVRs.  Then I covered one sling and DVR with a black bin (trash) bag and all problems resolved.  SO now I will work on a modified approach that will still allow for good air floor in the rack.


              Hopefully Sling will jump in with an approach a bit better than a trash bag.... but I am quite happy to have a working environment.


              Thanks again,