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    Cannot complete Slingbox solo setup




      I'm setting up my new Slingbox Solo and I'm having problems with the router configuration. The SBS appears to be operating normally; it's being detected within the LAN and the currently selected TV channel with being displayed on an in-LAN PC without audio or video problems.


      I've reached the "Internet viewing setup is almost complete" screen within setup.slingbox.com and when I select "Next" it displays the "Manual router setup" screen. I'm electing to do the Step-by-step option (Manfacturer=Netgear, Model="FV318 Interface 1") and press "Launch Guide" which takes me to the Slingbox Network Asisstant page, but when I press Start the browser tries to connect to pfsetup.slingmedia.com and times out. If I go to a command line window and try to ping that address it can't connect - is there a problem with that address?





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          TylerG Newbie

          Hi, Holfam!


               I see you're having trouble with the manual router configuration. Not to worry! Here's a website with port forwarding guides for Slingbox (and other programs!) on just about any router!


          Hope this helps!


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            Okay, my SBS is now fully configured and operational. The non-operation of the pfsetup utility in the Slingbox installer still persists, but I figured out the manual port forwarding on the Netgear FVS318 - the key was that it is a two-step operation; first, you map the port number to an inbound 'service', and then you map that service to the IP address of the SBS. Of course, the Netgear manual is rather less than helpful, but I'd worked it out before TylerG's useful portforward.com link arrived - which would have saved me several hours of Googling!



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              Installer-referenced pfsetup doesn't work. Refer to portforward.com for easy instructions on how to manually configure the connection.