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    Slingplayer will not launch on 1st gen iPad


      Installed my first sling box (pro hd) tonight. After purchasing sling player for my iPad I realize that the app currently doesn't work on ipad 1. When is a solution ready? How do I get my money back for a app store purchase!?

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          Just upgraded and I click on the app and it flickers and then I go back to the main screen.  Very disappointed with this upgrade.  Not working on first neration iPad!

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            eddiecolon91 Newbie

            Hey chrfriis,


            We do appreciate the fact that you are a new customer to us. The 1st generation iPad is indeed supported with our SlingPlayer application. Unfortunately at the moment we have some issues that we are working on getting resolved. We currently released an update to 2.4.2 in order to make our SlingPlayer application compatible with the new iOS 7 that was set to release on 9/18/13. In the process of us updating the SlingPlayer it caused errors with any 1st generation iPads running anything lower than iOS 6.


            We are aware of the issue & our engineering team is doing everything they can to develop a new update for the SlingPlayer application that will solve this issue. In the meantime there is a work around that may work. Below is a link that will further assist you with the work around.



            I hope this link will aid you in getting this issue resolved for now. Again I would like to thank you for joining the Sling Media family!


            Best regards,

            The Sling Moderation Team

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                I got a Slingbox500 for Chritmas and installed it today.  Slingplayer works fine on my laptop, IPad Air (new), Iphone 4S, but I can't even install Slingplayer on my IPad1 which is running IOS 5.1.  If I were to find an earlier version of Slingplayer, would I have to pay for it again and would it effect the versions I already have from the ITunes App Store ?