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    ios7 App Update on Ipad 1


      New slingplayer update 2.4.2 will NOT OPEN on the iPad 1.  I've had no issues for the longest time and now it's rendered useless.  Please help.

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          Same here. Please fix.


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            I Made the same mintaként and dowloaded the New version, thinking that the program will be better and

            Now I can even open it...

            How much time do you think they need to fix it, that we (iPad 1 users) could use it???

            Is there a way to get back the older version of the Slingplayer???


            Thank you

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              Just talked to SUPPORT, they told me that SLING MEDIA was aware of the problem, was working on a solution.

              I suggested reloading the "old" APP for us to reinstall, which would be a good step for us who has used it for a long time on “old units”.

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                So frustrating.  Like previous posts.  Put the old one back in the meantime and let us download it. I am currently overseas and would really like to see some local programming.

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                  eddiecolon91 Newbie

                  Hey jlapeer,


                  I understand how not being able to access your SlingPlayer for iPad can be a frustration. We recently released an update to 2.4.2 that would make the SlingPlayer compatible with the new IOS 7. Unfortunately, when that happened it created problems with any generation iPad running any iOS version lower than iOS 6. We are aware that the 1st generation iPad won't allow you to update to that, so we are doing everything that we can to get this issue resolved promptly.


                  Once a resolution has been found we will put out another update that will take care of this issue. In the meantime, there is a work around that may work. If you follow the instructions on the link below it will advise you how to get back to a previous SlingPlayer version.



                  Keep in mind that it is not a guaranteed work around but still something worth trying. We, here at Sling Media, are sorry about the inconvenience & we do appreciate the patience until we get this resolved.


                  I hope that this link aids as a good temporary work around.


                  Best regards,

                  The Sling Moderation Team

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                    I'm not too happy with this situation.  As an engineer and programmer ou would think these issues would be thoug out before the new code plugs would be uploaded for the gen pop!   I have a gen I iPad with 3G 64 gig and don't need to update ...... Yet.  Don't force me to "update" my hardware when it was working just fine a few days ago!  This device is just a few years old and doesn't deserve to be treated like a second rate citizen.  I look forward to the sling player app getting the fix needed for all devices in iOS world in a timely fashion. 

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                      I have successfully rolled back to the Slingbox app for iPad1 but I too am waiting for the fix so I can use the latest app on my iPad. The new app is waiting to be downloaded and with all the other new iPad app updates I live in fear that the new app will get downloaded by accident and I will have to go through the lengthy process of rolling back to the previous version.


                      Please do fix the new app and please, please post in this forum when that has been done so we know it is safe to download.





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                        Hello, I have an iPad 2 and just updated to ios 7 and now the sling player does not work anymore. I tried the update and it hangs too. What can I do from here?


                        Thank you