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    Are Brightness Levels Improved Over the SOLO?


      I have, and use, a Slingbox SOLO. My chief complaint is that dark / shadowy images, while viewable on my TV, are much darker when viewed through my SOLO. Such scenes are, in fact, too dark to distinguish details. Does the 500 improve this issue, or can I expect the same experience if I upgrade?


      Also, if I were to upgrade to the 500, would I be able to take advantage of both the current discount being offered plus the upgrade discount, too?

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          TylerG Newbie

          Hey, Elronxox:


               With the Slingbox 500, you should be able to attain a picture quality identical to that of your set-top box (up to 1080p!). Bear in mind, however, that this is limited by your internet speed and the screen you're streaming to (particularly when it comes to brightness).


               Regarding those discounts, however, unfortunately not; one is offered by our 3rd party authorized retail partners, while the upgrade offer is from us (pay special mind to the fine print at the bottom of our upgrade page).


          Hope this helps!


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