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    A message to Sling media..


      I had my previous forum thread deleted because it was deemed "inappropriate"..


      Inappropriate? Well, you guys decide, it is your company, your website, and your product. But it is obvious that you have something to learn if you cannot leave some criticism standing in the forum, so please hear me out:


      By censoring posts the way you are doing, you are only distancing yourself from your customer base. You should have a look at the forum over at Monsoon Multimedia, who I came across when looking for alternatives to your restricted product, as I think you can learn something regarding customer loyalty from them. You will see that instead of distancing themselves from their customers like you are doing, they are inviting their customers to come with suggestions, feature requests and bug reports in their own forum, and allowing free discussions, even ones that seem to criticise their products in a negative way. Some threads seem to involve discussions about firmware modifications too, which are left untouched by the moderators.


      This is something that keeps people interested and committed to a product, and builds a bond of loyalty between customers and companies, and gives people a reason to return to the website, keep the interest alive and spread the word about a product.


      There are 2 sorts of consumer groups. You have the average consumer, who you seem to be targeting, but you also have the more enthustiastic and technically interested people like myself. You may argue that people like me only make up for a little portion of the consumer base, and that we are not so important, however it is important to remember that when an "average consumer" wants to know if a certain thing can be done, they will ask people like me first, who will then give them suggestions of how that task can be done.


      So why would I recommend a Sling product to a friend that gets excited after I show them it is possible to watch live TV anywhere, and they want to know they also can do that?


      There are lots of ways to market a product, and word of mouth is perhaps one of the most important ways. The secret is to not only market your product yourself, but also make your customers interested in such a way they will spread the word for you, completely for free. You are obviously failing at that by distancing yourselves from your consumers and not giving anyone a reason to return and stay updated on your products. Remember that people trust the personal experience of someone they know more than they trust a random advert for a product.



      Also, I think you should know that I couldn't find an email address directly to your support department anywhere on your website where I could share my concerns regarding how you hold your customers' boxes hostage by binding them to an account that you can do whatever you please with in the future. Maybe I'd have shared my concerns directly with you instead, but you only left me with an option to post in the forum.


      Yours sincerely