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    How to best set this up?


      Firstly, I'm quite impressed with the Slingbox features but I have a couple of issues:


      1. There's an annoying delay/pause when sending key presses from the on screen remote on my android phone. I can accept some delay between the live stream and any network based but this pause makes the remote un-usable when trying to use FF/RW seek controls. Is this behavour normal or do I have a network issue to address? So far I have only tried this on WiFi (LAN) so I struggle to imagine what it might be like completely remotely or on a slower connection.
      2. It is advertised on your site (and primarily influenced my purchase) that this device WORKS WITH my Google TV device. It plainly does not, the instructions you give on the site are errornous / out dated and persuaded me to purchase £300 worth of products seemingly under a false pretence.


      REF: http://uk.slingbox.com/go/spcd#.UjS1KMaPPhE


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          TylerG Newbie

          Hi there, mybetrayal!


               I'd highly recommend taking a look at your network speed to see if it exceeds our minimum requirements. Keep in mind that these are minimums, not recommendations! It never hurts to have a faster network.


               Regarding the SlingPlayer for Connected Devices, it should be noted that, currently, it can only be used with a Slingbox located in the United States.


          Hope this helps!


          Best wishes,

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              OvCollyer Apprentice



              Plenty of us have been using the connected device players, including Google TV, to view the stream from Slingboxes outside the US, in my case the UK.


              There is nothing in the application that verifies the location of the Slingbox it is connected to.


              Hope this helps


              To the OP - there has always been a delay when issuing commands but it can very from device to device (player to player) but the best I've seen is about 2-3s with the web player.

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                  Hi Cav / OV


                  Thanks for the posts. The web based player seems pretty seemless to be fair and the as Cav noticed my original question was wether the droid delay was the norm. or if I had something wong (possibly router / port forwarding issues) but I have since tried the same devices over WLAN with pretty fair results.


                  With regard to the slingplayer on the Google TV box that I bought - the app store is just bare and the slingplayer is not compatible with that device according the androids app manager. TBH most of the apps don't seem to work on android for TV and even YouTube has recently been restricted so maybe the Google TV is my problem - a possible waste of £££'s ?


                  Does anyone know something more about the BETA trials of the Android for TV / slingplayer app?


                  Thanks again.


                  PS - I just noticed my OP had been edited by a *mod* - not sure what I put against the rules but I'm sorry (guess I swore).

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                  callanish Apprentice

                  "Regarding the SlingPlayer for Connected Devices, it should be noted that, it can only be used with a Slingbox located in the United States."


                  Boy, are you way off on that one. Your FAQ needs to be updated because that's just flat out wrong.

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                    Hi Tyler - I checked my network and all the other devices (PCs) don't have the pause-on-remote-button issue on the same connection (LAN). I thought then perhaps its the phone, which I use a HTC Sensation so notthe slowest 'droid phone on the market. It's not even that much of an issue but Ipaid £9.99 for the app so I kind of expect it to work as well as the online player (on PC).


                    I've not seen any obvious marketing material to back up your claim regarding the US only feature. Infact the packaging that the Google TVbox in has the slingbox logo on the side. :-(