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    NeoTV remote control slowness


      Has anyone found a way to actually use this device without having to wait on average of 30-60 seconds for each command from the remote? It appears the processors in this unit is the root of the problem. I ended up purchasing a cheap router in order to pipe the neotv thru its ethernet connection - this helped some and removed the video to audio sync issues but the remote is still useless for the most part. One of the Neos even bricked after a couple weeks.


      My Rant (thanks for listening) We spent hundreds of $$ for this equipment and it totally fails to meet our expectations. The neotv is a joke - I cant beleive sling media actually advertises this as a connected device - its junk. Why cant sling media simply code an app for Roku or Chromecast? All the other connected devices offered are a dying breed because ROKU (the best and most popular) pales them in comparison, cmon Slingmedia...


      Thanks for any input,


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          callanish Apprentice

          You'll find that all connected devices, when it comes to remote delay, are in the same situation. Wdtv, google tv boxes all experience this issue. The problem is completely hardware related as the old slingcatcher doesn't experience these outrageous remote time delays. They've had this problem since day 1 and frankly I think Sling aren't really serious about getting them to work correctly. They're only a selling tool for the slingbox and poorly implemented at that....definitely not a proper slingcatcher replacement.

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            I have the basic NeoTV box with the cheap remote and discovered (by accident) that I can use the SlingPlayer on my iPod to check the listings and change the channel without disconnecting the NeoTV. Once I'm connected to my SlingBox on the NeoTV, I just launch the SlingPlayer on the iPod and then browse the guide (which is quite fast). When I find what I want to watch, I select this on the iPod. It comes back with a message asking if I want to disconnect the other user (NeoTV) and I then click on No. However, the command gets through to the SlingBox anyway and so the channel changes. Also, there's a NeoTV remote app you can download for the iPod and the nice thing about this is that you can bring up a keyboard for when you need to enter text.


            All that being said, I'm still not happy with the quality of the video stream. Even though I've got 10M upload where my slingbox is and 5M download where the NeoTV is, I can't seem to get better than "good" quality (and sometimes just "basic") without the signal dropping all the time. I never have this problem on my laptop or iPod, so I'm assuming it has something to do with the NeoTV. I've tried moving it closer to my router and even using a wired ethernet connection, but this didn't help. I also tried the WD version and it's exactly the same. Oh well, better than paying for a 2nd cable TV service, I guess.

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              I bought a SlingBox so I could connect a streamer to the TV in my vacation home.  I bought a Neo TV.  Brought it home, tried it.  The interface and performance were so terrible, I took it back.  From doing some web research it appears none of the other streamers are any better.


              Whereas the web browser interface is fantastic, both in useability and performance, the SlingPlayer on these connected devices is awful.  Interface design is very poor, and everything happens verrrrrrrrrry slooooowwwwwwly.


              To any SlingBox personnel reading this:  Is improving these devices' SlingPlayers an engineering priority, are any improvements on the horizon?

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                  I appreciate your input on this issue, I can only wish I had faired as well and had been able to return both of my NeoTVs for a refund. =) Waste of $$ to the tune of $75.


                  From a customer relations standpoint this is really really bad business. I work for a small company (under 200 employees) and we design and sell a medical device and I can only imagine the repercussions if we made recommendations for third party software\hardware to work in conjunction with ours that failed to work...


                  Fortunately for slingmedia their customer base is aimed primarily at computer end users and not at the connected device users otherwise this kind of irresponsibility would have sank them.. Potentially it may still unless they step up to the plate, go into damage control, remove these connected devices as options and then offer something that works as promised.


                  Or perhaps as brought out by callanish its simply a selling tool and we the end users get to lump it..



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                      I too am experiencing remote control slowness.  Let me give some details:


                      • I have a Slingbox 500
                      • If I use the Slingplayer on my computer browser, it works fine, with just a second of delay.
                      • I have a NeoTV box, and I have applied all of the latest updates.
                      • If I use NeoTV, there is a delay of anywhere from 15 seconds up to over a minute per key press!
                      • The results are the same whether I connect with or without wireless.


                      So that tells me its not the Slingbox.  Its not my internet speed.  Its not my wireless.  The problem has to be narrowed down to the NeoTV box.


                      However... if I use another channel like YouTube on the NeoTV, it responds in 2-3 seconds to a keyclick


                      So now we can say its not the NeoTV itself; it is the Slingplayer plugin for NeoTV that is the root cause of the problem.



                      In addition, there are a few other problems:

                      • If I watch for several hours, it loses its connection and has to reconnect.  I've not seen this on other channels on NeoTV, just on the Slingplayer.
                      • If I'm watching a show from my DVR, when I click the "stop" button, the screen freezes, and does not move forward, even after 2-3 minutes.  It is actually faster to power off the NeoTV and restart than it is to wait for it to come back!


                      Can someone from support please comment?  This seems to be a common problem, and there are many of us who would like to get a solution.


                      Thank you,