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    New install Slingbox 500 - video frozen


      My component install of my brand new Slingbox 500 appears to work perfectly on PC and iPad 2 when I am using it in the same location - full functionality etc.


      Whenever I attempt to view outside of the home, however, I only see a frozen screen of the last action on the Scientific Atlanta component box - in the most recent case an On-Demand "movie finished" screen.


      No device - and no high speed location outside the home - appears to work.  The Slingbox is in Connecticut, I am in England.  I see a very dark screen of the "movie finished" message on all devices.


      What can be done?  It's not a reset issue because it works perfectly when I am in the Connecticut location.  And I've never been to use the product at all, sadly.


      Thank you!