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      • Re: How do you connect the slingbox 500 to the Dish Hopper Joey?
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        Hello bpdavis17,


             Thank you for using our Answers Forum. It is my understanding that you want to hook up your Dish Network Hopper's Joey to your Slingbox 500, and the Slingbox to your TV. I see here that the Joey only has HDMI OUT and Component OUT ports. This means that, in order to connect the Joey to the Slingbox 500 you will want to use HDMI OUT from the Joey to HDMI IN on the Slingbox. You will then connect HDMI OUT from the Slingbox to HDMI IN on your TV.


        If you have any issues where you do not get video with the HDMI, the Joey may be subject to copyright protection which is explained in this article:



        There is also a plethora of helpful links at the bottom of the above article if you need any additional resources.



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