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    Fios Actiontec Router Blocking outside access

    loganzuber Newbie

      I am normally fairly good at resolving slingbox issues on my own but have run into a little jam and Fios has been ZERO help.  Any input would be great.


      Long story:  I sent my pro to a friend to install so I could cut the chord of cable and save some money.  He master reset the box on delivery and did the setup in his home making sure to set the forwarding port to 5001.  Inside of HIS network the box connects to his ipad and pc.  Outside of his network it connects on his android device.


      This is where it gets tricky. 


      I am able to connect to the PRO-HD on my pc (within fios wifi) but not on my SPM on any device (android, iOS, kindle fire)- gives an error of slingbox/phone is not connected to the internet.  If I turn wifi OFF on my phone and opt to use an LTE connection it connects fine to the box.  I even tried using my connected device Logitec Revue and it failed on the fios wifi.  When I used my phone as a modem (LTE broadcast/wifi) the Revue streamed fine. 

      I took the libery to master reset the fios router to default factory settings and turned the firewall to the lowest setting with no successful results. 


      Last thing to note is that I have the newer model in my home still (the 500 model) and it has NO issue connecting on SPM regardless of connection type.


      Is there something in the router that is blocking me from reaching OUT to my old PRO-HD?  I'm at a complete loss here.  Again any help would be appreciated.