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    new cable dta box and no signal


      I switched providers Comcast to WOW and the new WOW equiptment will not let me get a signal.  the equiptment is not listed on the prompts to set up. WOW uses the Evolution DTA box and Arryis 502G router.  any ideas how to set this up

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          If you're using WOW Ultra with the Arris media gateway there is a way to setup the port mapping.  Try logging in to the router setup by typing the router IP address which should be ''.  Then go to the Firewall tab and setup a port range of 5000 to 5005 in the 'Virtual Server' and 'Port Triggers' options.  Enter the IP address of your Slingbox and for 'type' select 'Both'.  I tried a lot of different things and finally got it work with this setup.  Good luck.


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            alanrichey42 Master

            This is a confusing thread.   There are 3 different questions/answers being discussed which are totally unrelated:


            1.   DTA Box not outputting a signal  (the thread title)


            2.   DTA box not in supported list when trying to setup.


            3.    Port Forwarding settings.


            Could someone rationalise it please ?