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    Slingbox Classic+Windows7


      I have an original Slingbox Classic (with original installation disc). I have bought a new MAC and I am running Parallels9 as an interface to Windows7. I tried to install the software on to this and error message "known compatability" issues with Windows7. No obvious answers on Slingbox site. Anybody know if downloads/updates are available? Thanks. Chris Jones

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          stanley.sling Apprentice

          Hello jcjones007,


               Thanks for posting to our Answers Forum. Unfortunately, that SlingPlayer program that came on the installation disc is no longer supported. In order to setup the Slingbox Classic, you will want use a web browser to navigate to Setup.Slingbox.com. As long as your Mac is on the same network as the Slingbox itself, it should locate the Slingbox and begin walking you through the setup process.


          Hope this helps!


          Best Regards,

          The Sling Media Moderation Team

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              Thank you Stanley,


              Unfiortunately does not seem to work (although the Plug-In successfully downloaded via both the Mac interface AND Windows7 via Parallels9.) Will it successfully run on a Mac (which is much my favourite!)


              Thank you again for showing interest AND for your response. Chaps like you are like gold dust! However, on this occasion, I suspect that I am to blame.




              Chris Jones

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                  ferguspa Apprentice

                  The Slingbox Classic isn't supported by the browser plugin on a Mac.  This is mid-2005 hardware and as such isn't the most flexible when it comes to software support. Your options are:


                  - SlingPlayer 1.0.10 for Mac OS X *

                  - SlingPlayer 2.0.4522 for Windows

                  - Maybe newwatch.slingbox.com from Windows (and again only in Windows) after the Slingbox is added to your Sling Account here


                  Note if you're using a Windows VM you're very likely going to need to be using bridged networking for best performance.  Otherwise the Windows VM will try to talk to the Slingbox as if it was outside the network rather than talking directly to the Slingbox inside your network.  See steps 2 through 2.2 here for reference where to set up bridged networking.


                  *Slingbox Classic supported per page 7 of the included user guide.  However the SlingPlayer desktop software for the Mac can be very, very fussy and very, very crashy until...some sort of miracle occurs and it's stable.  Par for the course for 2009-era software running in 2013.