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    HR44 Genie


      I now have the HR 44 Genie remote. All the buttons work except for the power button. I cannot to the Genie off. I had to go back to the H24 remote in order to turn it off. Is there a fix for this?

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          stanley.sling Apprentice

          Hello ACC4903012,


               Thank you for reaching us through our Answers Forum! I see you're having an issue with the DirecTV HR44 remote not being able to turn your Genie on/off. I was actually able to use my tools here on my end to connect to your Slingbox. While I was connected, I confirmed I was able to power the Genie box on and off using the remote.


          I was just wondering if you have resolved this issue on your own, or is the Slingbox configured to use the H24 remote?



          We appreciate your feedback.



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            I still cannot turn off sling box with the HR44 Genie remote. Everything works except for shutting it off.