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    Alternatives to Slingbox in UK


      Given that the current UK Slingbox's internal freeview receivers are now defunct and the almost complete uncompatibility with connecting another freeview box to the units, what are the best alternatives from other companies? Does anyone have any experience with them?

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          mattbunce Newbie

          Unfortunately, it seems that options which include DVB-T are limited. But it's still proabbly worth returning you PRO-HD under the sales of goods act and either getting a Slingbox Solo or competitior product such as Belkin @tv - No point in paying a premium for the PRO-HD if Slingbox can't make it work for us.



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            marlbrook Newbie

            Someone from SLING has at last posted an acknowledgement that there ISa Feeview problem..

            and on a few other threads.

            Pleased to get some acknowledgement from the Company, after two years.


            I wonder if anyone believes it is a total coincidence that this momentous admission comes after the campaign has begun to bring this matter to much wider attention especially to potential new customers?


            If, like me, you can see that there is a link, then PLEASE help me keep the pressure up. Having an acknowledgement after all this time is one thing, getting the Company to bother to get the HD and HD-PRO boxes fixed for existing customers is another matter.



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              marlbrook Newbie

              The tuner issue has been fixed by a firmware update for the HD-Pro only.


              The PRO has been classified as a 'legacy' product and no longer supported.


              Strange as it is still being sold 'new' in the UK by Maplin and Amazon.


              See my post:-


              • Final Shutdown!
                Kory2468 Newbie

                After being  annoyed with my unsupported devices I have finaly unplugged my Pro-HD.

                A couple of month after shutting down my Solo and never installing the SlingCatcher.



                Here in Germany the Slingbox support is absolutely not existing and therefor my problems have never been solved.

                The support is not reachable for weeks and after having a "first contact" you never here from them again.

                A really terrible company.




                hank you very very much alanrichey42 for all your help,


                Even with your very much appreciated help I can't use this rubbish hardware anymore.


                Good luck for everyone.