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    Virtual Remote


      Hey everyone--Slingbox newbie here and I'm having trouble with the virtual remote. I have a Dish Network box connected to my slingbox--when it goes to sleep I cannot turn it on with my virtual remote. When my dish box is on then I can change channels just fine. What can I do about using the virtual remote to turn on my Dish box?

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               Thanks for posting in our Answers Forum. I understand that you are having issues with your virtual remote not being able to turn on your Dish Network box when it is in Sleep Mode. It has been my experience that the Dish Network boxes, when asleep, display a message that reads "Your receiver is currently off. Press Select to watch TV". Now I know this message is a little misleading but, what you actually need to press is "Power" on the virtual remote. This will dismiss this message and allow you to proceed with viewing your Dish content.



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