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    Audio issues on set up


      Hi, I just set up the Sling box 500 on my base tv/cable box.  Now the sound doesn't work through my blu-ray home theatre. How do I get this to work?

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          Hello CiccoNJ,


          Thank you for using our answers forum for your question. There is a lot of information missing here but I will do my best to get a good answer for you. With the Slingbox 500 you can be using any number of sources. I am going to start with component but if I am not correct please let me know. I will post a few steps I would like you to look at so we can get this running for you.


          1. What cables do you have?


          • If using component you are going to have the Red, Blue, and Green cables as welll as a set of Red and White audio cables. If the red and white are not put into that unit you will not get audio.


            2. Are you getting sound on the Slingbox 500?


          • If you are getting sound on the 500 and not on the Home suround sound we know it is something from the output of the Slingbox to the hole home system.



          You may also want to look at the links below.



          Hope this helps,


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              The issue is that I was told to use my cable box as the set top box (for HDMI and componet cables). So the setup bypasses my blu-ray player.  So now, while the universal remote affects the blu-ray player this it doesn't now control the TV functions (including volume)  I have read and watched all of the support areas you directed me to and still can't get the configuration right.  Can you please advise the correct cable (HDMI and component) set up between the Sling Box, TV, cable and blu-ray player so all can function as intended.  Thank you!