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    Error 10003 - enough is enough!


      So basically none of my connected devices can connect to my slingbox 350 anymore. I can only connect via the PC browser or my iPad.

      I consistently get error code 10003 on connected devices after having it working properly for over a month.


      Have tried manually rebooting the slingbox (its a pain since its over a thousand miles away) and it STILL does not work.


      I have read on these forums that this is a known issue on the 350 and that they are working on a fix. Well, quite frankly its been well over 3 months since they said this and its STILL NOT FIXED. This is inexcusable and shameful. You fixed the issue on the 500, why not the 350?


      This issue should be the #1 priority of ALL the slingbox engineers and it shouldnt have taken more than a few days to push out a fix.


      Quitely frankly this is unacceptable and we deserve better. You KNOW its broken, so FIX IT.


      I spent alot of money on my slingbox 350 and the three wdtv lives that I have at separate locations, which are now useless due to incompetence on Slingbox's behalf.


      Slingbox themselves for months has accepted that it is a bug and they are "working on it".