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    Slingbox and Tivo Roamio?


      Okay, so this is a hypothetical question since I don't own any of this equipment yet. But I was wondering if I were to get a Roamio (4 or 6 tuner) and hook it up to a Slingbox 350 could I watch whatever content (live or recorded) across multiple TVs at once as long as I have multiple WD TV Lives? Would it be possible to watch different channels or recordings because of the multiple tuners? And would the Slingbox 350 be able to handle this if what I asked is even possible?

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          Hello tanisketra,


          Thank you for posting to our forums. I do regrettably inform you that the setup you would like to do would not work with just one Slingbox 350. The reason is, only one device can be connected to a Slingbox at any given time. This means trying to connect one Slingbox to multiple WD-TV's at the same time will not work. To do this setup you would need the same number of Slingboxes as WD-TV's you would like to view on.


          I apologize for this inconvenience


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