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    Problem configuring Slingbox 350




      I'm having difficulty configuring my Slingbox 350. First, it took about 30 minutes for the "Select Country" option to come up, and after leaving my computer alone for almost an hour, I was unable to select my cable tv provider from the menu. The menu actually didn't even load. All I could see was a greyed out screen as the Slingbox website tried to search for cable providers.


      I was, however, able to see about a 3 inch image of the cable box's stream, so I am under the impression that everything is hooked up appropriately. Please advise! Thanks so much!



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          I have the same exact problem so I am returning it as defective product. After running through select "provider and device"

          it came to following screen but the next button is greyed out. So I am going no where.

          Only back option is available and it loops. What a way to waste the labor day aftyernoon.


          TV Service

          ZIP or Postal code: 94404  <=== wasn't even correct. I typed in different zip code.


          Please select your cable or satellite provider.


          Make a selection and click NEXT to continue.



          Update: it's now working. they must had the server outage this afternoon.

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            Same problem here. I just purchased a Slingbox 350 and setup is stuck on "Searching for TV Service Providers". Is there no way to skip past this part of the setup and then configure the program guide later?

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              stanley.sling Apprentice

              Hello SeanRobbins,


                   I apologize that you were having this issue and I would also like to thank you for using our Answers Forum. Our engineering team was aware of this issue and it has since been resolved. If you navigate to Newwatch.Slingbox.com on a PC or Mac that is on the same network as the Slingbox, you should be able to put in your own zipcode and properly complete setup.


              If you have the Slingbox setup and need to reconfigure your selection for provider, this can be changed by:


              1. Connecting to the Slingbox on Newwatch.Slingbox.com,
              2. Click on "Settings" above the viewing window,
              3. Click on "Location".


              If the issue persists you may need to reset the Slingbox. Here is an article to do just that:




              Hope this helps!



              Sling Media Forum Moderation Team