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    Slingbox 500 Streaming Trouble


      Please help me figure this out!!  Here is the background and specs:

      Slingbox 500 in US connected to cable internet measuring 16down/3up (tested last night).

      DLS Internet at my home in Dubai is 16down/10up (tested last night).

      Have used my laptop (Windows 7) and ipad with sling app from the Middle East to view Slingbox with no problems for months, unitl 2 days ago.

      The picture has been terrible the last 48 hrs, and will not play period at times.  The bitrate now fluctuates from 100kbps to 400 kbps constantly.  Its constatly going up and down the 100-400 scale.  Video comes in and out.

      I tested the same laptop at work today, and the picture was flawless and in HD streaming ~1500kbps.  This seams to rule out the Slingbox upload side, and come down to my download/output in Dubai.

      Why would only my home network be causing this?  I can stream HD netflix thru the same equipment and connection (as I did last night since Slingbox was unviewable), but switch to slingplayer and it goes back to terrible.


      Any ideas?

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          redcaad Newbie


          I can suggest a few things to try that I have found makes a difference.

          1. Your operating system and browser can make a difference. Has anything changed that you can remember? Try Google Chrom if you're using Internet Exployer or vis versa. 

          2. The advance settings can make a big difference. Go in and uncheck the 2 boxes, save the new setting and then close and restart the browser. This really helped me.

          3. The time of day can make a difference. At home in the evening your internet could be slower with everyone home and connected with many devices. Even though the speed seems high it's the quality of the connection.  I increased my internet service speed which seemed to help a lot.  Your speeds sound OK but mine were about the same and going higher made a difference.  I'm at 50/25 mbps.

          4. I think Slingbox changes things quite often and sometimes they fix one thing and cause another problem. So it's important to use the forum and let them know what's not working.  May be thing will be fixed after a few days.  I've seen it happen more than once.  Also, try calling them on the support line. They are very helpful.

          Good Luck..