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    When can we expect a native Windows Store app?


      Alright, folks - Windows 8.1 is right around the corner, and even the conservative estimates put Windows 8 at well over 50 million copies being actively used in the wild.  If you haven't started yet, it's seriously time to get to work on a native Windows Store app.


      Why a native app?


      • You can charge for it.  I paid $15 for the Windows Phone app a couple of years ago (money well spent), and I'd happily pay $15 again for a Windows app (especially if it meant I had a reliable way to watch a remote Slingbox on my TV).  Speaking of watching a remote Slingbox on my TV...
      • The Windows 8 Play To feature makes it easy to stream video from a Windows Store app to a big screen via an Xbox 360.  It's a little awkward, but overall, I've had great luck using IE + PlayTo to stream the HTML5 version of YouTube to my TV.  With a SlingPlayer app, it'd be super slick.  Of course, Play To doesn't work at all with the existing Slingbox browser plugins...
      • A native app would give you a good Windows RT story (which a bunch of other people are already complaining about on this forum).


      Pretty please?