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    Switched routers, now Sling Box Pro-HD won't connect



      My DSL router died and had it replaced with a similar updated one (Actiontec C1000A). I set it up like the other one and everything but my Sling Box is working.  My power light is on, but the netwrok connection light flashes continually. It never used to do this.  I reset my Belkin Powerline AV500 adapters and made sure I had a strong netowrk connection, but the network connection light on the SB continues to flash. Today I pulled a 50' Cat5 cable from one of the four netowrlk ports on my router directly to the SB, taking the Powerline adapters out of the picture, incase those were bad.  My network connection light continues to flash.  I reset the Sling Box and powered it down, but my network connection light continues to flash. Does any one have any ideas?

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          Hey  sbueb,


               Thank you for the post! Since you have replaced the router in your home, you would need to resync the Slingbox to the new one. To do this, you would need to perform a factory reset and reconfigure. To perform the reset, you would hold the reset button down until the lights on the front of the Slingbox flash rapidly. After the reset, you would continue to Slingbox.com/get/getstarted and choose Setup Slingbox: All other Slingbox Devices and follow the steps on screen.



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