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    Problems connecting to Slingbox from any device...




      I've had the PRO HD for a couple years now and recently I am having trouble with connection. From any wireless device that I am trying to connect to the slingbox through the slingplayer app. Every time I try to connect the app gives me an error code that it failed to connect. If I click "connect" on the slingplayer a total of 3 times, on the 3rd time it connects. During playback I get random disconnections as well. I have light to little bandwidth usage in my home.


      My Setup:

      PRO-HD connected to a Linksys router via an ethernet cable (hardwired). The cable is run about 30 feet from Slingbox to router.

      Cable Xfinity internet.

      Using any app either from Apple store or Android and happening both from my IPad and Android devices. So I don't think it's an app issue.


      Feedback is appreciated!

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          william.sling Newbie

          Hey Maldonadoja,


          Thanks for taking the time to post to the forums! I see you're having trouble with your Slingbox PRO-HD. It looks to me like your Slingbox is not set up for Internet viewing. Which means you may need to port forward your router. We normally see this as the issue when you can't connect to Slingplayer Apps only.


            Here is an article that will help you discover whether or not you are set up for internet viewing:



            If your Slingbox does need to be set up for Internet viewing and you need some help you can check out portforward.com. There you will be able to select your routers manufacturer and model number along with the Slingbox as the application and it will walk you step by step through how to port forward your router.


          Hopefully This Resolves Your Issue


          Best Regards,

          The Sling Media Moderation Team