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    Problems with tuning Freeview UK with internal tuner




      My Slingbox Pro-HD was working fine but the Freeview channel list was missing some of the updated channel list.

      I therefore decided to try to retune the Slingbox. The trouble is now it fails tuning at 10% everytime when set to United Kingdom, and if I switch to Germany for example it stalls always at 22%, does anyone have any idea what the issue could be?

      I have reset the Slingbox a number of times but always the same result, also the result is the same using the watch.slingbox.com webapp or the desktop SlingPlayer.

      The antenna works with other TV's and a freeview box on an old slingbox.


      Is there anyway to get more verbose output from the Slingbox? Also could it be yet anther issue caused by the power supply?

      Or is it likely an issue with the aerial/a firmware issue that has occurred as a result of the latest updates to the codec or such on the Freeview system?


      The slingbox is located in London and is using an antenna pointing to Crystal Palace if this helps.