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    Slingbox to another HDTV in my home


      I am wanting to get rid of additional cable boxes in my home and was hoping the Slingbox 500 would be able to stream all the channels from my Verizon set top box to another TV in my house?  I have a wireless and a wired network here so I would be able to connect with either connections.  My cable also has local and premium channels that I would like to stream.  I saw that the Slingbox supports WD TV and others, but I would like to stream all of my cable channels to just another HDTV.  Any help/answers would be appreciated.

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          Maxcats Novice

          You must have another device 'something else' at the receiving end on your second TV.


          I use a WDTV Hub and for the most part it works very well sending all Tivo channels elsewhere around my wired home.


          Whatever you send into the Slingbox will play at the other end thru your WDTV, complete with remote control of channels.


          So it seems to me that 'Yes', the WDTV is the solution for you. I suggest using fuily wired network throughout.