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    TV Guide does not scroll


      This is new! The program guide loads page 1 but the scrolling is not working and subsequent pages are not visible.


      This has been tested with Windows 7 64 bit, IE10, Firefox and chrome all have the same results.


      This started after an update of player plugin.


      Previously same sytem has worked for a couple of years!

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          Zbonomo12 Novice

          Hello dlloyd3,


          Thanks for posting to our Forums! I can understand how not having a guide that works correctly is frustrating. With this issue you are having, I would have you go into the Slingbox and try reconfiguring you input and guide. To do this all you need to do is go to the web site Setup.Slingbox.com and connect to the Slingbox, Once connected to the Slingbox there will be an option for Set Up Program Guide, click on this option and run through the reconfiguration by simply following the instructions on screen.

          Below is an article that will assist:


          Hope this helps!

          Best regards,
          The Sling Media Moderation Team