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    accessing slingbox at home


      I understand the app on a mobile device connects to the slingbox via slingbox server when you're not at home.


      When you are at home, are you also accessing the slingbox through the slingbox server or are you accessing it directly through your home network?


      I just don't want to incur any overages on my data plan if I use the slingbox around the house.



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          craig.sling Novice

          Welcome o chaim,


               Thank you for posting on the Slingbox answer forum. With you being inside of the home, that Mobile device will connect to our servers over the Internet first and than will connect to the Slingbox over a local network. I will post a few articles that you can look over that will explain how this works.



          Hope this helps,

          Thank you,

          Sling Moderation Team

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              Thanks for the response.


              I'm sorry I didn't pose my question clearly.


              I was actually asking about accessing the slingbox through a non-mobile, desktop computer from home.  Does that access the slingbox directly through the network, bypassing the use of the slingbox server?  Or does the slingplayer on the desktop at home still go through the slingbox server, the same way slingplayer on a mobile device would?



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                  That was my question as well. Just as I am not incurring any data usage when watching the cable TV, I want to know what happens when I watch the TV on my PC via home network. Am I still going out to cloud, internet for this?

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                      Matt.Sling Apprentice

                      hi dhc0329 and alanrichey42,


                      Just to clarify, if:

                      • Your Slingbox and A/V device (whatever is attached to Slingbox) have been previously configured (which requires Internet)

                      • You are using your Slingbox and device (such as an iPhone) on the LAN/home WiFi

                      After the SlingPlayer application authenticates with your Sling Account and connects to your Slingbox, then at that point you would not be using data.

                      Example: You are at home, streaming to your iPhone on the same LAN as your Slingbox (same WiFi connection).


                      Let me know if this is the use case you are wondering about.

                      Any use outside of home LAN (remote) would require broadband Internet and utilize data.

                      This can be a confusing subject, and we are going to build a reference guide to better define data use in different scenarios.