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    Request Authorization Failed


      I recently set up two separate Slingboxes, one with a 350 and another 500, streaming two different WDTV Lives.

      Majority of the time is okay but once in a while the set top will have a persistent "Request Authorization Failed (Code 3)" error message on one of the WDTV lives that will not get cleared until I power cycle both the WDTV live and the Slingbox associated with it. This is a different error message than the password failure and persists even when I power cycle just the WDTV live. WDTV live is still network connected when this error persists and is able to stream HD content seamlessly from my NAS. A computer on the same wireless network can still stream from the slingbox that is giving me the authorization failure. I also get a 10003 connection timeout error that also persists from time to time until I restart the WDTV.


      WDTV lives are on latest firmware and so are both the Slingbox 350/500. Error seems to occur after I've left the WDTV live streaming overnight and I come back to the player in the morning (At least this has been the case all two out of three times it's happened so far in the last 10 days). Wireless network strength is good at the -58dBm on other devices I checked right beside the WDTV, 350/500 are both on wired networks directly connected to my router which broadcasts wireless to the 2xWDTV. Support: please help me identify/resolve this issue as I have to be home to fix this issue when it happens for my family and is awfully frustrating.

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          Zbonomo12 Novice

          Hello RayC123,


          Thanks for posting to our Forums! I do understand that you are having issues connecting to the Slingboxes on the WDTV lives. To help figure out what is happening and to provided the proper trouble shooting steps needed. I would like to know what Slingbox is having what issue, Also when I pulled up you account I was unable to locate the Slingbox 350 you mentioned, was this Slingbox setup on another account? In the Mean time if you are having issues connecting to the Slingbox 350 and getting the error code 10003 this is an issue we are aware of and working on getting this error fixed soon.

          Hope this helps!

          Best regards,
          The Sling Media Moderation Team

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              How soon? It's been months, a year maybe.

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                The Slingbox 350 is on the account I'm posting from right now. I can provide account details and email if you need them outside the forum. The slingbox 500 is on a different account. Accounts are kept separate so the WDTVs go to the preferred box every time and doesn't switch back and forth between the 350 and 500.


                Slingbox 350 is experiencing the Request Authorization Failed (code three) the majority of the time. I've seen error 10003 once. 500 seems to have only 10003. If I reboot the slingbox 350, the WDTV can connect again. If I leave it, WDTV live cannot connect and gets the error after a day or so while PC clients have no issues connecting. Is this some kind of session termination issue?


                When is the expected fix for these issues? I've had to reboot my 350 five times already