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    Slingbox pro hd no video from tuner


      So i connect up my brand new slingbox pro hd. You know the one with the built in tuner, and switch it on and hey presto i get video straight away. Result.


      So i sit there looking at it for about 2 minutes and then picture goes blank and i get the dreaded no video  signal message.


      So i navigate to the next set up screen the one to configure the coax ports etc and go through all the options and set up procedures. I get video on all my other connected ports, composite etc but absolutely nothing from the in built tuner.


      Tried absolutely everything. Set up process many times, power cycle, factory reset, confirmed aerial signal by plugging a tv on the coax out port etc etc.


      Then i rang the support line. Very friendly guy who told me this is a known problem and i should call back in two weeks.


      Does any know anything about this?


      Slingbox, would you like to comment?

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          Maxcats Novice

          As an owner of the Slingbox pro-HD with the other 'known problem' of audio echo on iPhone and iPad, I would appreciate a full list of the 'Known' Problems' identified by Slingbox and the time frame for fixes for these issues.


          These problems may be known to Slingbox but they are not known to you and not known to me and other users who buy the Slingboxes in good faith and then find no solutions and no time-frame to fix 'Known Issues' going back years.


          Disclose the 'Known Issues' Sling so we can make informed decisions to what we purchase next.